100 Years

Open House
May 12th to June 17th, Ljubljana, Slovenia

Our embroidery studio Ercigoj was founded in 1923. We have kept the company in the family since the first stitches were made, and today, the fifth generation is working to make art embroidery a reality.

At first, we focused solely on intricate embroidered designs for the Church, and createding unique and detailed embroidered flags and banners for veteran societies, firemen and hunting societies, among many others.

We started developing our own embroidery technology and techniques that, with decades of development, took us beyond what was thought to be possible. We managed to transform embroidery from a technique for decorating textiles, into a true art medium.

In a neverending search for perfection and artistic expression, we are joining our knowledge and experience with other artists like painters, photographers and designers throughout the last two decades.

In 2023 we introduced our new line of products, OTON Interier, with which we are focusing on introducing art embroidery into interior design and architecture.

We are celebrating our 100th anniversary!

We warmly invite you to visit us in Ljubljana, Slovenia, between the May 12th to June 17th for our special Open House exhibition. We are, for the first time opening our doors to anyone who would like to meet us and see where all this magic is happening.

In one place, you will be able to see the 150-piece collection of our best works in the last 100 years, among them artworks exhibited in national galleries and private collections that are hard to access. A collection of our finest banners and our latest OTON Interier products for interior design and architecture will also be on display.

You will be warmly welcomed by our team and Boštjan Vidmar, our lead innovator and grandson of Oton Ercigoj, whose name the company carries on today. We will show you around, happily talk with you, and try our best to answer any questions.

Please contact us if you need any additional information or help with finding the accommodation and local whereabouts.

Looking forward to seeing you,
Ercigoj Team


From: May 12th 2023
To: June 17th 2023
Monday – Saturday | 6:00 PM – 8:00 PM


Gasilska cesta 18
1000 Ljubljana, Slovenia