eStitch – photo embroideries

We have joined the hundred-year-history of photography and a thousand-year-old tradition of embroidery into our eStitch technology. We use threads and needles to create photorealistic embroideries, exact replicas of the photographic motifs, with all the color transitions, details and shading. Our eStitch embroidery convinced even the most renowned world photographers.

When we turn a photograph into an embroidered image, it comes to life because of the 3-dimensional nature of the embroidery threads and the play of light and shadow. The photo embroidery looks different from each angle.

We are collaborating with several renowned world photographers, who capture documentary, artistic and erotic motifs into their lenses. Klavdij Sluban, Jarmo Pohjaniemi, Diana Lui, Chris de Bode, Borut Peterlin, Aleš Bravničar, Zvone Šeruga and Sašo Kos are just some of the photographers whose photos we have made into an eStitch embroidery.

You can see the collection at our web page, and in our company gallery at Gasilska cesta 18, Ljubljana, Slovenia.

World renowned photographer Steve McCurry signed an exclusive license agreement to produce a series of ten photographs as a limited edition, available to photography and art lovers in three different sizes. Steve McCurry has been publishing amazing photographs for years in the National Geographic magazine, and his most famous photo is the Afghan Girl.

Order your own unique embroidered photograph eStitch!

You can order your own photo embroidery eStitch online – created from your own photographs! Visit, where you can upload your digital photo from your computer, select a detail, select the final embroidery size and quality, and even select a decorative frame – all within a couple clicks. You can pay with your credit card, bank transfer or with Paypal.

There are no limits to the motifs we can use for the photo embroidery – portraits, pets, your family, architecture, landscapes, short moments of joy that you managed to capture on film, even your own autoportrait.

En embroidered piece of art can also be a unique and original gift. The recipient will always be positively surprised, the gift will be full of emotions, and will at the same time be permanent, precious and original.