eStitch at Hugh Hefner’s Playboy Mansion

We have been working with Playboy Slovenia for some years now, and they have published several articles about our embroidered art. In collaboration with Playboy, we sent the photographer Aleš Bravničar and playmate Natalija Osolnik to India to make a beautiful photoshoot. One of the photographs taken on this trip has been transformed into embroidered art and is now hanging in the prestigious Playboy Mansion owned by the father of the magazine, Hugh Hefner.

Everybody is familiar with the Playboy magazine, its Slovenian edition has been entertaining men in Slovenia for several years. We have established a very positive relationship with the editor in chief for several years now.

Our embroidered art has been published in articles in several issues of the Slovenian Playboy, and everything started with the photograph of Sara Jereb by the photographer Aleš Bravničar. We embroidered the photo in our eStitch embroidery technique. This piece of art was soon followed by a photograph of Kyra Milan by the photographer Jarmo Pohjaniemi, who is a renowned photographer for the US Playboy edition.

In the beginning of 2013 Aleš Bravničar convinced Natalija Osolnik into a photoshoot for Playboy, and in collaboration with our company, they travelled to India, where they made a series of amazing photos. One of these pictures was used as a template for an embroidered photograph eStitch, which shines in various colors of embroidery threads.

Borut Omerzel, the editor in chief of Playboy Slovenia, made a big step forward with the project: he enabled us to send one copy of the photograph to Hugh Hefner, the father of Playboy. Hugh Hefner proudly put the eStitch photo embroidery on display in his famous Playboy mansion.