Embroidered book cover – Qur’an

We created a book cover for Qur’an, the holy book of Islam. The typical intertwining ornaments, embroidered in different embroidery techniques, and a golden metal badge with a stylised original script are combined into a perfect harmony of colors and shapes.

Qur’an is the holy book of the muslim religion, Islam, and is the holy word of God, given to Muhammad during the 23 years of living in Mekka and Medina.
Qur’an originally existed as an oral tradition, being literally and precisely passed on from generation to generation. Later it was written down in the original arabic language and then translated in various languages worldwide.

We decided to combine the classic chainstitch embroidery technique, giving the beautiful texture, with the smooth satin stitch with golden threads. The embroidery accentuates the harmony of ornaments, colours and textures and pays respect to the written word of the Qur’an. The book cover is a piece of art, designed by the sculptor and artist Dušan Zidar, who studied ornamental art of decoration, common in the arabic world. We brought his idea into reality with various techniques of embroidery and with the knowledge of threedimensional engraving.