Our company is built on tradition. We have been transferring knowledge from generation to generation, thus successfully combining basic embroidery techniques and modern technological solutions. The quality of our products is evident from thousands of banners and other embroidery products made in our workshops.


The roots of our company date back to the year 1923 when Anton Mrkun established the company »Naša Sloga«, which sold church products and produced embroidered chasubles, church banners and societies’ flags. Besides workshops and the shop in Ljubljana, a branch in Zagreb was opened as well.


The company was taken over by Anton Mrkun’s niece, Marija Ercigoj, and her husband Oton. Oton Ercigoj modernised the embroidery-making process with the first hand-guided embroidery machines, thus laying new foundations of the company.


After the World War II, the company’s name was changed to »Prapor M. Ercigoj«. Marija Ercigoj was among the first to pass the exam to obtain the master’s degree in embroidery. The golden age of banners began.


Every organisation and society had to have a banner, as a symbol of pride. Our company sent banners across the entire territory of Yugoslavia. There was also an increasing demand for appliqués and embroidered desk flags.


During this period, we made many combatants’, brigade, trade union, scout s’ and other banners. In 1969, the Fire Fighters’ Association of Slovenia unfurled its pioneer banner.


The family company continued the long-year tradition and modernised it even further. Besides transforming mechanical machines to computer-guided machines, we also started developing large format embroidery machines


Independence of the Republic of Slovenia was also a major step for our company. The symbolism of the former state, present on embroidered banners, was mostly replaced by aesthetics. The banners produced in our workshops were getting better and more beautiful every day.


The company Vezenje Ercigoj (Ercigoj Embroidery) continues to develop technologies and expands its programme to new market niches. A new online shop is launched as well.