In our workshops, we create a synergy between traditional embroidery techniques and the latest technology. From this combination, we can create products like no other in the world. Embroidery and engraving machines, which are fully adapted to our work method, are developed by us alone, but we also cooperate with the world’s largest companies in the field of embroidery, such as Tajima, ZSK and Madeira.

Many elements of our products still need to be made with hand-guided embroidery machines, as some techniques cannot be copied with modern, computerised embroidery machines.

Due to the need for an increasing quality and production of large format embroidery, we make machines ourselves and tailor the technological solutions specifically to our needs. In a world that is flooded with embroidery machines for low quality promotional appliqués, it is necessary to develop one’s own technologies in order to achieve the highest quality classes of embroidery.

An important element of the banners is the additional equipment. For our needs, we have thus developed our own engraving devices, drilling and welding robots and laser cutters. The engraving devices are used to engrave all metal parts for additional decoration of the banners, and by using a special technique, we can also engrave three-dimensional images.

An important part of our production is computerised designing. The development of our own software is based on the latest technologies which greatly facilitate the work and make it intuitive. Such approach encourages creativity, which is also reflected in the quality of products.