We always place the quality of our products in the first place. We pay a great deal of attention to banners and their equipment, appliqués and other embroidered products, maintaining a high level of quality even in the smallest products. We make our best efforts to make each product perfect both in design and content.

Besides knowledge and experience, a good product also requires appropriate materials. In our workshops, we have a wide selection of embroidery threads (over 500 colour tones) and other materials. A large stock of fabrics, which is constantly refilled, allows us to satisfy even the most demanding customers.

Elaborate embroideries such as banners, embroidered painting or a chasuble, always start out on paper. A well prepared design plan is a basis of high-quality embroidery. The design plan includes, besides an accurate illustration of the shapes of the motif, the selected colours and embroidery techniques that will be used in making of a banner.

In our company, banner embroidering is based on the classical embroidery technique. Due to its nature, the chain stitch we make by using hand-guided embroidery machines is always different – not a single embroidery product is completely the same as another, although they are made using the same colours and the same pattern.

Besides chain stitch embroidery, we also use other embroidery techniques for a very accurate illustration of a motif. A combination of various techniques allows us to create embroidery which gives the product a sense of richness and life.

With a special colour blending technique, we can achieve a soft shading effect. In banner embroidering, we also use the 3D-embroidery technique which makes some details stand out from the banner’s surface.

We invite you to visit us at Gasilska cesta 18 in Ljubljana and see the embroideries for yourselves in our gallery. We also designed an art gallery where you can view several Ercigoj Art embroidered paintings, which we created in cooperation with various painters and photographers.