Special embroidery

Our company has been producing unique and technologically advanced embroideries since the beginning. We have always strived towards developing the techniques and technologies of embroidery, and we have always had one goal in mind: creating the highest quality embroidery.
In this short presentation, we have selected some of the most interesting unique projects, which stand out with their complexity or interesting embroidery techniques.

Among the unique project we created for our customers, this lamp was one of the most interesting. Using different embroidery techniques, from the traditional chain stitch to three-dimensional embroidery, we have transformed the design into a beautiful piece of art.

The embroidered book cover for Qur’an, the holy book of Islam, is one of the most beautiful unique projects we’ve ever undertaken.
Weh have developed the book cover as a gift for the Slovenian Muslim Community, and it fits perfectly with the latest edition of the translated Qur’an, which was gifted to the Bosnia muslims by king Fahd bin Abdul-Aziz Al Saud.
Ornamental embroidery, adorned by a golden thread, is emphasized with the golden badge, engraved with the holy book’s title.

We have designed a similar book cover for the slovenian translation of Qur’an, which has the european pagination – the pages turn from left to right, which is the opposite of the traditional arabic books.

Beehive front boards are a slovenian unique oddity. Traditionally, they are wooden boards, painted with various folk-story motifs, and our embroidered version can be a beautiful artistic gift.
In collaboration with the artists, we have created an exclusive series of embroidered stories from beehive front boards, where the artists took the original folk stories and recreated them in their own unique style.
They are available in a limited edition series. They represent a beautiful and lasting memorabilia of Slovenia and its many beautiful oddities.

We produce different embroideries for gifts for special occasions, for instance the embroidered book cover, decorative pillow with an embroidered motif… Embroidered book covers are made with sturdy material, and the embroidery itself is long lasting and will not fade with time. Such a gift can be a lasting and precious memory. Embroidery, created from your own idea, will carry an important message for the recipient: that you have made a unique effort.

We design ceremonial flags, embroidered table flags, protocol pillows for presenting medals and decorations, ceremonial sashes, embroidered memorial plaques, banners, embroidered badges…

Protocol embroideries add a sense of ceremony to events. Companies, societies, municipalities and government institutions, aware of the importance of solid presentation, are increasingly deciding on the protocol embroideries.