Embroidered art

Embroidery can be more than stitching motifs on banners

Nine decades of experience and knowledge in the field of embroidery helped us to bring to life an idea – to create something extraordinary, an embroidered piece of art in large format. The measures of these embroideries can sum up to several square metres. Considering they are made in one piece, with millions of stitches – something unheard of – it is a trully pioneer project in a global sense.

The first large format embroidered piece of art with an impressive size of 118×175 centimetres was based on a photograph of tree tops under a blue sky, a dreamy image, enhanced with the richness of embroidery.
The following works, the Falcon and the Old Man (based on a photo by Arne Hodalič) finally convinced us that embroidery can allow the complete expressionism of artistic painting without compromising, while adding a new energy to the motif.

Ercigoj Art

As time progressed, we got in touch with several renowned artists, such as Boštjan Plesničar, Uroš Weinberger, Vladimir Leben, Aleksij Kobal and others. In cooperation with the painters we created several embroidered pieces of art. In the artistic process, we create several studies for each of the artworks, testing different embroidery techniques and colour combinations. The artist is constantly present during the entire process of creating embroidered art, ensuring that embroidery completely reflects his idea.

As artworks can portray very different motifs and utilise very different colour scales and painting methods, the process of creating each embroidered piece of art is a new experience.
The process of creating an embroidered art is very similar to painting, as procedures and sequences of aplying colours are basically the same as with brush painting.

You can view the embroidered art in our gallery at our company headquarters, or visit the online gallery www.ercigojart.com, where you can view each artwork in great detail using the Zoom feature.


Instead of large pieces of art, sometimes you would rather hang a picture which bears special significance to you because of memories, nostalgia, yearning and emotions. We all have photos that remind us of lovely moments. Embroidered eStitch pictures can transform those photographs into living art.
Photographs with your memories gain texture, just calling out to be touched, while the interweaving threads breathe new life into the picture.

The online shop www.eStitch.com enables you to order embroidered pictures, made from your photographs, with a simplicity of four simple steps.
You are also kindly invited to visit our gallery at our company Ercigoj, Gasilska cesta 18, Ljubljana, Slovenia, where you will be able to see several examples of embroidered pictures.