Ecclesiastical embroidery

At the time of establishing the company “Naše sloga” in 1923, the main activity of the company was making of ecclesiastical embroidery and selling of church products. So from the very beginning, our company has been closely linked with embroidered altar cloths, church banners, stoles and chasubles.

After the World War II, the production of ecclesiastical embroidery was largely replaced by banner embroidery; however, we continue to produce a wide variety of embroidery for churches in Slovenia and abroad. Our embroidered products were also used to decorate our largest sanctuary of St. Mary in Brezje.

The church banners, which are very widely spread in our country, usually have an oil painting in the foreground. Over the years of use and storage, these paintings tend to get damaged – the paint peels off or fades, and the painting may break. Therefore, in addition to classic restoration and reproduction of oil paintings, we also offer an option of creating an embroidered image almost identical to the original oil painting. Such embroidered image on a banner is durable, it never fades and will not get damaged at normal use.

Besides restoration and production of church banners, we also make stoles, chasubles, altar cloths and embroidered products according to your ideas or according to designs by the painters we have been collaborating with. A unique and perfectly crafted chasuble is the greatest present for a newly-ordained priest.