A banner is a unique embroidered work of art, bringing together members of a society over many decades, thus maintaining the tradition of affiliation to the association. It represents the values of honour and pride. It acts as a mirror of the society, and over time, it acquires museum value. Therefore, the banner is a part of the history, and should be treated with respect.

In our company, banners are made precisely with the thought that the associations will pride themselves with them for decades.

An embroidered ceremonial banner is made up the textile part (rich embroidery on quality fabric) and the carrier part (a wooden pole, usually with gilded hardware). The banner has an embroidered symbol which unites people in a particular organisation. Since we wish the societies to be proud of their banners, they must be both content harmonised and perfect in design. Creating a new banner therefore requires time and a lot of consideration.

With banner embroidering being the most important part of our tradition, our extensive experience is of great help to the societies when designing a banner and constructing design plans. We have made banners for fire departments, hunters’, veterans’, tourist and horse breeders’ societies, beekeepers, winemakers, brass bands, pensionists, as well as for the Slovenian Army and Police.

Upon unfurling of the banner, solemn attention is paid to the donors who have given contributions for the banner. Their names will remain engraved on memorial pins that are attached to the banner poles; the names of larger sponsors are embroidered on memorial ribbons.

Before unfurling of the banner, the members of the society should select a flag bearer and his deputy. Being a flag-bearer is a great honour and even greater responsibility, as he is trusted with full and constant care of the banner. We recommend that the banner is stored in a glass cabinet which is not exposed to sunlight or moisture.

Our company also provides restoration of banners. The original embroidery is transferred to new fabric, and parts of embroidery that are too damaged will be made anew, using materials and embroidery techniques similar to those on the old banner. When the embroidery is too damaged, we recommend a creation of a new banner – a replica, which will very much resemble the original.