eStitch – catalogue of photo embroideries by Steve McCurry

On our web site you can see the entire gallery of photo embroideries, created by Ercigoj Embroidery in collaboration with the world renowned photographer Steve McCurry. The catalogue shows the entire Limited Edition series, signed personally by mr. McCurry himself, which are available for purchase in several different sizes. If you are interested in any of the photo embroideries, write to us at

eStitch – catalogue of photo embroideries by Chris de Bode

Ercigoj Embroidery, in collaboration with the Dutch photographer Chris de Bode, prepared a series of photo embroideries, available as a Limited Edition collection. Our website has all the photo embroideries available for viewing with our Deep Zoom tool. Send all inquiries to

Ercigoj Art – embroidered paintings

The Ercigoj Art project is based on the collaboration with renowned artists. We created a series of unique pieces of embroidered art in large formats. The art can be seen in our gallery Ercigoj, as well as on exhibitions worldwide.
The catalogue describes the process of collaboration with the artists. On our website you can view all the pieces of art in high resolution, to the smallest details and even individual stitches of threads.
Inquiries can be sent to

Embroidered stories from beehive front boards

Beehive front boards are a unique Slovenian oddity, and that’s why the company Ercigoj prepared embroidered versions in two series. The first series is a recreation of the classic motifs from the 19th century. The second series of embroidered stories from beehive front boards was designed especially for our project by renowned Slovenian artists, who took the original stories from traditional beehive front boards, and interpreted them in their own unique styles. These small pieces of art are available in a limited edition series. If you are interested in purchasing any of the stories from beehive front boards, contact us at

Unique embroidered art to order

We can also create embroidered art to order. Unique photo embroideries in smaller formats can be purchased directly on our website, but if you wish a specific format not available there, or larger dimensions, or even special embroidery techniques and effects, visit us or write to us directly at

Unique special embroidery

We often get customers with very special ideas which surpass classical machine embroidery. These projects, that demand unique approaches and technological solutions, are especially appealing to us, because they require a lot of knowledge and experience.
The catalogue shows only a fraction of the unique projects we did for our customers in the past. If you have a special project in mind that involves embroidery, contact us at, or visit us with your idea personally.